WordPress Services

Custom Themes

I can create a WordPress (and non-wordpress) themes from scratch with all custom functionalities and “special treatment” your company or personal website would ever need. Starting from a Photoshop design to a responsive, modern theme.

Because I’ve been working with WordPress for a long time, I will create your theme from scratch but with a help of snippets I have already that will make the process so quick!

Custom Plugins

I create site-specific plugins or plugins that you can sell to your customers. You think and sketch and I plan and develop. It’s as easy as that.

When I have free time (rarely), I create FREE and paid (sometimes) plugins. You can check them out here.

Bugs fixes and custom functions

If you have a theme/plugin that is custom made or any function that is not working as intended, I can investigate and fix or modify this custom function.

In addition, I take small and quick jobs, but I still pay attention to every requested detail and take it seriously.

Switching to WordPress

Do you have a static website or a current website working on another CMS that you’d like to convert it to WordPress? You’re now taking the first step!

I have switched many web sites with complicated situtions and out of date CMS successfully to WordPress.

Servers Services

Not just for WordPress, I do all type of server maintainance and security, I can even move a server loaded with websites to a different server of a different software and type, I’ve done it before!

If you have a job that you think does not belong to any of the above-mentioned services, we can still discuss it!

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