Website Development Tools

website development tools

Website development refers to the processes and activities in connection to the development of web sites. In layman term, it simply means the building of websites through written content and setup. It can vary from that of the static single page text websites to the most creative and complex applications like online games or social network services.

Website development is not a simple process. It is highly complex and equally challenging endeavor. It can also be into different areas: client side coding, server side coding, combination, and those that utilize database technology. Client side coding denotes to one area of website development wherein the programs are executed by the client or the user’s web browser. Examples are AJAX, Javascript, among others. The server side coding, on the other hand, any request of the user is fulfilled through a script that is directly on the web server. Basically, client side coding is on layout and design, while server side coding is on back end systems.

There are certain tools that can be used by the website development team. Some of these tools include: Photoshop 5.5 which enables for flawless editing of pictures, the Dreamweaver, 1st page 2000 which is a free HTML editor that comprises of JavaScript and Perl Scripts, Adobe Golvie which is a professional editor for Macs, Media Cleaner that accepts formats and works in all platforms. Other tools are the RealSystem G2 Beta Server which is great in streaming media, the Shoutcast server that broadcast streaming MP3s from the server to Winamp users around the globe. The Flash 4 which provides for tools in flash making. The Livestage which makes the most of Quicktime format. Analog logfile analyzer which is used by 25% of the populace in analyzing their logfiles. The Canoma that which enable to effortless 3D graphic. Some other website development tools include the Illustrator, Image Oprimizer, Topstyle, Actinic Catalog, WebSpeed Optimizer and Drumbeat 2500.

Great news too to all website development teams, most of the identified tools feature trial uses and some even all-time free utilization. Compared to the past years, there is a massive increase in development tools and platforms that can be accessed online for free. This costless opportunity contributed the increasing number of people worldwide setting up there new Web sites daily. Add that to the significant rise of user-friendly website development software particularly WebDev, Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression that enable people to set up websites in a matter of minutes then you have a website development phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. It isn’t surprising then that it is among the fast-growing industry around the world, and this is amidst the US fiscal crisis.


Source by Don Varner